Photography in the Garden

The Public and Private Garden Albums on our Rocky Mountain district web site will be a real asset to the site and for all of us; we can amble through the galleries via the internet. More gardens will be added this Summer so this album will stay fresh and new. The Private Garden Album will be an opportunity to share your garden with others as well as view gardens generally not open for public viewing.

Spring is the perfect time of the year to plan to participate in the private garden galleries. You will need to take pictures of your garden and submit them to the webmaster. You should have at least 7 images and could have up to 20 images.

Here’s what you need to include:

  • Shots that show the garden space. This should include a long shot and/or a wide shot of the garden.
  • Shots that focus in a little closer and show an entire shrub or section of the garden.
  • Close up shots. These could include one to a grouping of roses in the shot.

Your photography will be greatly improved by
Keeping the most important part of the picture in focus. If you are using an automatic camera, use the landscape symbol for the long shots. This will keep most of image in clear focus. If you are shooting close, set the camera to the flower symbol. This will keep only the flower(s) in focus everything else will appear blurred as a watercolor, a nice effect.

  • Shoot in the mornings or the late afternoon when the light is low and softer.
  • Shoot when the air is still, not windy.

Watch the background for visual distractions.
If there is a car or boat behind your shot, look for ways to eliminate these objects. Usually taking a few steps to change your angle to the subject will solve this problem.
Watch the foreground for visual distractions, such as shovels or a garden hose. Including parts of a home exterior can be a nice compliment to the garden.Doorways, archways, or garden décor.
Including shots that include pets, children, or someone reading a book on a patio for example can be an enhancement. No obviously posed shots please.

Submitting Images
When submitting images, you will need to give a brief description of the area in the garden. For example, HTs on South end or Minis in raised beds. If you have more than one picture of same general area, the same description is fine. I will also need the name of the rose. If there are two roses there you could say Bonica with unknown polyantha. The slideshow has a space that shows the name I will need for the image file. We can’t display an image with the title of EM1256 appearing under an image. So a description and name for each shot is necessary, even if vague. Images submitted must be jpegs and no larger than 2 mgs. I will resize if necessary.
If you have any further questions about photographing your garden, I’ll be pleased to assist you further.
Carol Roman,
Web Master

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